Our training courses are taught in English, Russian, and Uzbek languages in classroom environment or in the field, where applicable. Below courses are ongoing and can be arranged on demand:

  • Shotcrete: nozzleman training for dry-mix, vertical position (Course ID: SHOT10);
  • Shotcrete: nozzleman training for dry-mix, overhead position (Course ID: SHOT20);
  • Shotcrete: nozzleman training for wet-mix, vertical position (Course ID: SHOT30);
  • Shotcrete: nozzleman training for wet-mix, overhead position (Course ID: SHOT40);
  • Shotcrete: dry- & wet-mix design preparation and pump-ability (Course ID: SHOT50);
  • Pump theory & Pump Structure (Course ID: PUMP10);
  • Pump Installation, Service, & Testing (Course ID: PUMP20);
  • Pipe2012 Advanced Software for Transient Analysis (Course ID: FLOW10).

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