Zarbuloq Injiniring is an Uzbekistan based Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company. Since its founding in 2010, we have successfully secured and completed several turn-key based contracts in construction and design works in the filed of water resources and irrigation as well as construction, such as: shotcreting, waterproofing, building constructions and major repairs, seismic retrofitting, pipeline internal shotcreting, design and surge analysis together with many other complex rehabilitation and installation works.

Our engineers have undergone advanced training in Uzbekistan and abroad in waterproofing with high performance concrete, shotcreting operations, rehabilitation and maintenance of large and complex pumps and pump station systems, shotcreting of large diameter pipelines with concrete coating, simulation of surge analysis and other related areas in order to guarantee safety, quality and timely project execution.

Lukoil, Ministry of Water Resources of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Railway Company are among some of our customers whom we have helped in solving complex project challenges requiring unique engineering tactics. We are particularly proud to have license for design works of fifth category, which is the highest available for hydro facilities.

In addition, Zarbuloq Injiniring’s partnership with industry leaders abroad such as how to get a medical cannabis card
Allentown (U.S.A.), Andritz (Austria), Kalmatron Corp. (U.S.A.), KYPIPE (U.S.A.) as well as others allows us to maintain leadership in this market and reflects on our ability in delivering safe and quality results, on time and within budget.