Company "Zarbuloq Injiniring" has the certified personnel trained in the United States, as well as specialized software for modeling penstock and calculation of parameters of water hammer.

Zarbuloq Injiniring is certified and licensed by the State Architecture and Construction Inspectorate (SACI) in fifth category for performance of design works on construction of water resource and agriculture structures and related facilities. Our engineers together with industry leaders have successfully performed design works for: building civil works, foundation drawings for imported plant and equipment, seismic retrofitting simulation, shotcrete works, rehabilitation of irrigation canals, and other related designs.

In addition, Zarbuloq Injiniring in cooperation with our partners from U.S.A. such as Kalmatron Corp. and KYPIPE have successfully completed pipeline related engineering serves such as design for unique to this market pipeline internal shotcrete coating solution, anchor support foundation calculation, drawings for complex fabrications like elbows and y-connectors, simulation of pipeline hydraulic hammer and overall pipeline system’s safety of operation.

We are proud of the talent and creativity of our engineers and partners since because of heir help Zarbuloq Injiniring has been able to repeatedly bring value to our customers by producing unique solutions to complex engineering tasks.

photo 3Zarbuloq Injiniring specializes in wide spectrum of construction activities. Our signature specialty is shotcreting, which is a way of pneumatically conveying of concrete (or mortar) through a hose at high velocity onto a surface. We have the most trained and experienced nozzleman in the market who can shoot booth, wet-mix and dry-mix concrete. Our engineers are also trained in working with special additives and custom mix designs to ensure quality results.

Throughout our history, we have been able to construct buildings on short time schedule in remote parts of Uzbekistan, provide waterproofing to seemingly unstoppable tunnel and building structure leaks, apply our imported additives in order to reinforce automobile roads exposed to extreme environmental conditions, pour concrete and foundations in confined and unusual structures, provide internal coating of worn out pipelines with shotcrete (see our Pipeline Systems for more detail), and delivery many unique other solutions to construction challenges faced by our customers and partners.

Zarbuloq InjiniringZarbuloq Injiniring is the only company in Central Asia with complete mastery of entire pipeline chain of production and subsequent internal coating with mortar. These works involves: designing of pipeline parts (including irregular bends, X and Y-connections), performing system surge analysis by advanced simulation software like PIPE2012 developed by our partner KYPipe LLC (U.S.A.), knowing sophisticated welding techniques, diagnosing potential welding seam defects, laying of heavy pipes, and at customer’s request, applying internal shotcrete-coating.

Our team has shown its capability of meeting narrow deadlines to have the pipes ready for safe operational before the start of irrigation season.


Our training courses are taught in English, Russian, and Uzbek languages in classroom environment or in the field, where applicable.

Project Management

Project Management

Successful project management involves both experience and teamwork. Weather as a contractor or as a subcontractor, Zarbuloq Injiniring has the skill and team necessary to execute engineering and construction works from start to finish on turnkey basis within deadline. We draw on experience of our team members in identifying issues and conflicts that might develop as a problem in the future and remedy them at their onset. Ultimately, our personnel are the strongest resource we have in achieving creativity, cost cutting, and speedy execution. At Zarbuloq Injiniring, we focus on overall picture of the project in order to ensure safety, quality, and timely completion within budget.