Construction and waterproofing

Construction of hydraulic structures

We carry out such specialized works as: construction of dams, buildings of hydroelectric power stations, water-discharging, drainage and water outlet structures, tunnels, canals, pumping stations, structures designed to protect against floods, destruction of the banks and bottom of reservoirs, rivers; structures (dams) enclosing liquid waste storage facilities of industrial and agricultural organizations; devices from erosion in canals, as well as other structures designed to use water resources and prevent the negative effects of water and liquid waste.

Repair work

We carry out such specialized repair work as: roofing, strengthening of slopes, strengthening of arches of mines, chemical protection of building structures, repair of local defects by gunning method. We apply the methods of dry and wet gunning.

Waterproofing of structures and gunning

We produce waterproofing of underground parts of buildings and structures, installation of anti-filtration screens, repair and restoration of waterproofing, injection into concrete and into the ground, device “walls-in-soil” using Kalmatron materials (USA).

Restoring and strengthening pipelines by gunning

Our company has implemented a unique innovative technology for the restoration of pressure pipelines using the internal gunning method. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to quickly and cheaply restore even disastrously worn pipelines and extend their service life by at least 30 years.

Refractory lining

We perform refractory lining at furnaces, boilers, cyclones, gas ducts and other structures using wet shotcrete.

Increasing seismic resistance of buildings

We make the restoration and strengthening of collapsing structural elements of buildings and structures by means of gunning with specialized materials, by means of reinforced concrete clips without formwork.