Equipment supply

Selection of optimal equipment for the project

Often the Customer orders the equipment without a design or the Customer already has a design with the required parameters of pumping equipment. In this case, thanks to our complete access to all in the technical documentation, ready to design solutions and full consulting support of relevant departments Corporation Xylem Inc. (USA) we can offer the most efficient and modern equipment.

Purchase of equipment

We have direct links with manufacturing plants, and we have access to monitoring residues in a factory warehouse. This allows you to perform all operations of the purchase of equipment in the shortest possible time.

Participation in factory testing equipment on behalf of (with the presence of) the Customer

For the supply of equipment for major international projects, a prerequisite is to conduct factory tests of the equipment being shipped, which confirm the declared technical characteristics. We have extensive experience in organizing such tests.

Quality control and pre-shipment inspection on behalf of the customer

For the supply of equipment for large international projects, it is also imperative to conduct a pre-shipment inspection, which confirms the origin and the appropriate level of quality and packaging of the goods. We cooperate with leading local and international agencies, such as UzbekExpertise, Intertek International and others.

International freight forwarding to the construction site RUz

When participating in large international projects, we often encounter the need to supply large loads of non-standard dimensions. Logistics for such equipment is especially difficult and not every transport agency undertakes such work. We also participated in a number of such deliveries, and they were successful.

Customs clearance of imported equipment

Customs clearance is carried out by our own declarants, or we turn to reliable partners, so all procedures take place as soon as possible.