Design and engineering

General information

LLC "Zarbuloq Injiniring" has a license for the design of objects of the highest, fifth category of complexity, as well as a license for performing topographic and geodetic surveying works and a licensed KyPipe 2010 software package for water hammer surge analysis, which allows us to develop comprehensive engineering solutions for the construction and reconstruction of most complex and demanding hydraulic structures.

Survey and topographical works

Our engineering staff has everything needed for predesign survey instrumental equipment, and also has extensive experience in the restoration of concrete hydro structures and pressure pipelines, so already at the examination stage we are able to identify problems that are invisible at first glance or accurately determine the causes of the observed problems and offer the most optimal and effective solution.

Design of hydraulic structures

A well-designed project, based on modern construction methods and modern high-performance equipment, allows you to save huge amounts of money both at the construction stage and in subsequent efficient, durable and trouble-free operation. We try to accompany all of our construction and repair works with a project, but unfortunately, not all of our Clients understand the importance of this stage.

Selection of equipment and the development of technical specifications

We are the official dealer of the world's largest manufacturer of pumping equipment – Xylem Inc. (USA). We have full access to all technical documentation, ready-made design solutions and have full consulting support from the relevant divisions of the corporation. Therefore, we are able to offer solutions for any water tasks: from production, preparation and transportation of water to consumers, including providing them with all the necessary technological cycles, to the collection and purification of waste water.

Technical and author's design management

Our engineers have a wide experience both in the field of design supervision of the proper implementation of their projects, and in the delivery of work performed to third-party supervisory authorities.

Specialized development for specific use

We are always focused on the development of advanced technologies and the development of new areas of activity, so we never refuse even the most difficult, at first glance, impossible tasks. We have at our disposal advanced world experience in design solutions from Xylem Inc. Combined with our own local knowledge, allows us to develop optimal integrated solutions.

Development of technical and economic feasibility study

In order to obtain a highly efficient modern hydro-technical system, it is necessary at the stage of a feasibility study to lay down appropriate solutions and thereby form an adequate budget. The majority of design institutes stamp the feasibility study on the basis of outdated technological approaches, and we try not only to independently carry out projects at the modern level, but also to bring advanced ideas and approaches to other design organizations.

Design of non-standard pipes of large diameter

We have a full-cycle experience includes design and construction supplies several complex irrigation pressure piping systems. We also perform the most complex hydrotechnical analysis of protection against water hammer in a pressure pipeline using the modern software package KyPipe 2010. All this allows us to perform work on a technical level several years ahead of the solutions offered by competitors.

Other services

Other design services include the preparation of estimates, in accordance with local standards, which is carried out using the software package of the "Tenkurilish".